Saturday, October 23, 2010

Full Moon Black Magic

Full Moon
mural by Rosa Phoenix

polymer clay faces sculptures
by Rosa Phoenix

Japanese stone carving

moon glowing in the dark
by Rosa Phoenix

Friday, October 15, 2010

Water: Blog Action Day 2010

Today is Blog Action Day. This year's topic is Water.


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Monday, October 4, 2010

Alice Waters

sketch by Rosa Phoenix

This is a contour drawing I did of Alice Waters.

Alice Waters is well-known in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for founding the Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse, and for championing local, organically-grown food.

She also created the Edible Schoolyard project at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California, which is an educational program that centers around students growing and preparing their own food at school.

I briefly lived in Berkeley in 2008, in the neighborhood known as the Gourmet Ghetto (so-called because of the many wonderful markets, specialty food shops and restaurants).

Of course Chez Panisse is there and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School's Edible Schoolyard garden, where I enjoyed occasional morning walks watching the squirrels taking the best figs from the fig tree. So I admire Alice Waters and what she has done for Berkeley, food, local farmers and the community.

A contour drawing is a nice exercise to try. Use a single line to make your drawing and don't lift your pen or pencil from the page. You are supposed to make a contour drawing without even looking at the page, but it's OK to cheat a little bit. This is a good way to stop thinking about what you are drawing, and just rely on your eye and your hand. 

You will have to draw slowly to get a good drawing. 

Try it, you will be surprised at the results!