Friday, December 4, 2009

True Mirror

photo by Plus 

"Who sees the human face correctly:

the photographer,

the mirror,

or the painter?"

- Pablo Picasso

A friend showed me the True Mirror. 

It gives me a true (not reversed) image of myself.

I've never seen myself like this, except in photos or video, but never in real life. 

I quickly notice that I tilt my head to one side, and my smile is crooked.

photo from the True Mirror website

It's interesting to look into my own eyes. 

I am able to make a connection with my own reflected image. 

I get a friendly feedback from the mirror, 

as if I am actually connecting with another person, 

and not merely gazing into a mirror.

The makers of the True Mirror explain:
There are a few key reasons for why the True Mirror reflects the real you.
The first is the all-important eye-to-eye contact -- the strongest way we understand what people are saying.
When you communicate with every other individual in the world, your eyes always meet left-eye-to-right-eye and right-eye-to-left eye.
This normal biological pattern conveys information "just so".
With traditional mirrors, where the right eye picks up the right-eye reflection, and the left picks up the left's, you are experiencing a highly unnatural way of gathering information about yourself. You don't communicate with anyone else in the world in that pattern.
The result is that we always feel we are somehow different than everyone else, often in a negative way. 

I wonder if this is why I experience self-critical feelings when I see my own reflection in a regular mirror. 

Looking at myself in the True Mirror, I feel more curious about myself, and less critical.

Here is the link to True Mirror website:

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