Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Fail the Students!

photo by mrloz

Education is like planting seeds for the future.  

Learning leads to knowledge, leads to skill, leads to empowerment, leads to better and brighter ideas, leads to progress, leads to a better life for all. This is our human path, this is how we evolve.

Yet our schools are at risk. Budget cuts to education mean that teachers have lost their jobs, tuitions and fees keep going up, and classes are being cancelled. It's harder than ever now for students to stay in school.

City College of San Francisco has canceled classes, raised tuitions, held a giant garage sale, and now is asking students and faculty for donations, just to keep classes in session for Fall 2010! This is so sad. The students are the ones who are least able to afford to "donate".

CCSF is a great resource, offering low-cost classes and job training to a diverse community. I've taken many art and computer classes there.

On March 22, CCSF students are going to Sacramento, California to the State Capitol to protest the budget cuts to education. News story here.

Support the students today, so we'll have a better future.

Donate to CCSF (they are asking for small donations of any amount, suggested donation $5):

City College Fall 2010 Donation Drive


  1. It's a wonderfull iniciative ! i think that students, like I am, should be helped in everyways to get better conditions to be sucessfull in the future, nice post |!

  2. JRonson, I am deeply concerned about our students. This is a very difficult time in California and the USA, and I hope that our students can get the education and training that they need. This can only happen if we all support their education.