Friday, May 14, 2010

Sketchbook: San Francisco

crayon and color pencil on paper
by Rosa Phoenix

I've been wanting to sketch this house for awhile. 

I had to work up the nerve to take it on.

This house presented some challenges.

First of all, the entire house is painted a dull brown color. If I were to draw the house exactly as I see it, this dull brown color would have made it appear very flat and one-dimensional.

My solution was to use color to exaggerate the shadows and highlights of the house. Cool colors for the shadows and warm sunny colors to approximate sunshine. Touches of red liven it up even more.

I like the result!


  1. Rosa, I really like this! It is a beautiful house but I can't imagine it in brown :0) not after you've added such great colors! It's a place I'd love to live in xx

  2. Alina, thanks for visiting, and for your nice comment. Can't you just imagine peering out the little windows of the tower? I'd love to see what it looks like inside!

  3. I love the symmetry in this... it makes me just want to keep comparing the two sides of the house... interesting drawing!

  4. Bethany, it's great to get your feedback. I'm learning so much from sketching on location. Thanks for visiting me here!

  5. Rosa, this is wonderful. I love that you told us how you used the colors, it makes sense and the result is magic!

  6. Thank you Tammie! I'm always so happy to share what I learn here on my blog.