Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sketchbook: San Francisco

2 Blue Houses
watercolor pencil 
in moleskine watercolor sketchbook
by Rosa Phoenix

Here are 2 recent watercolor pencil sketches. They seem to go together.


  1. your blue houses are wonderful!
    I will have to try water color pencils some day! It looks like maybe you did not use the water part?

  2. Hi Tammie!

    I use the watercolor pencils just like colored pencils. I draw the picture and color it with the pencil. Then I go over it with a paintbrush with water (carefully so I don't blur the lines). Where I want more definition I can go back over it with dry pencil.

    These are nice for drawing portraits also : ) easy way to turn a drawing into a painting!

  3. that sounds like a fun way to use them. Lovely effect!

  4. Beautiful work Rosa. I love this houses in blue, such great details! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such heartfelt comments. I so appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend XO