Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Love Old Books

book by TeoStudio

Now that we have e-books, real books are becoming obsolete. 

I've said farewell to many of my favorite bookstores, where I used to hang out for hours. I loved the soft chairs, the smells of the books and discovering books and authors.

Sadly, these places where I spent happy afternoons have all gone out of business. Sorry, but Amazon.com and the iPad just aren't the same!

I will always love old books. I have some really old ones I've picked up, I even have one that is 100+ years old.

Luckily the art of bookmaking is still alive and well. And there are even some new uses for old books, too.

miniature book by TeoStudio

I discovered TeoStudio on Etsy. This wonderful bookbinder uses worn, vintage leather and antique hardware to create one-of-a-kind blank books.

book by TeoStudio

Another Etsy seller, spoonfulofchocolate recycles old books into cute handbags.

recycled book handbag by spoonfulofchocolate

book handbag by spoonfulofchocolate

For my birthday I got this wonderful case for my MacBook. Made by Twelve South, it's called Book Book.
BookBook by Twelve South

The best part is it smells like an old book.

I also love PaperBlanks line of dayplanners, address books and journals that look like beautiful old books.

PaperBlank dayplanner

Do you cherish old books? What about bookstores? How are you adjusting to the transition to digital media?


TeoStudio on Etsy

TeoStudio Vintage Journals Blog (please take a look if you are interested in the book-making process...it's fascinating!)

Spoonful of Chocolate on Etsy

Twelve South



  1. I love books too, and especially handmade books. Such a wonderful post, thank you!

  2. What a wonderful post about books. I share the exact same feeling about them. I'm really honored to be featured on your blog, thank you so much! I love the computer case you got for your birthday, it's so ingenious and pretty!

  3. Tammie, thanks for your visit, I'm glad you enjoy this post.

    Teo, I'm happy to show your beautiful books here on my blog. I think they are really special. And I love your blog also. It's great to see how your books are made.

  4. I Love these items!! Thanks for including my Book Handbags!

  5. cant get used to e reading and don't want to!

  6. Spoonfulofchocolate, I'm glad to show your handbags. They are so unique and fun.

    Chilsum, I know what you mean :) Thanks for your visit!

  7. I wonder, what will we do now for book signings, where you meet the author? Any thoughts?

  8. Those are some fantastic finds Rosa!! Thanks for sharing them with us - I love your Book Book, that is so clever :)