Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Selma Brown's 1960's Art

Selma Brown
San Francisco Artist

It isn't every day that I get a scoop on a newly discovered historical cache of 1960's original San Francisco art!

Selma Brown arrived in San Francisco's Hippie Haight Ashbury District more than 40 years ago, during the "Summer of Love."

She is a San Francisco treasure who has contributed to many of the city's famous murals. 

I've had the good fortune to befriend this lovely artist.

She has taught me a lot about art and life. She continually inspires me with her creativity and productivity. She is always working and experimenting with new techniques and ideas. And I love to visit her in her cozy, colorful apartment that is filled with her art.

Recently she called me with news that she had found a portfolio of paintings in a closet, that she hadn't seen in about 40 years!

Seeing the work filled her with emotion.

She thought these pieces had a freedom and intensity that truly reflected the turbulent 1960's and the spirit of San Francisco.

Of course, I had to interview Selma and feature these works on my blog, Artists Up Rising

Click on the link below to get the full story and see the paintings!


  1. how lovely to have an artist friend. This piece is wonderful! Next time in SF I will have to look for murals. The colors in this are fantastic. You yourself are wonderful with colors, I can only think that is a wee bit of the connection for you.

  2. Thanks for visiting Tammie. SF has many murals. The best place to see murals is in the Mission District. Yes, I admire Selma's use of colors, she really inspires me with her art and life.

    Your photography and poetry really inspire me also, and it is wonderful to watch your progress with drawing and painting!