Monday, February 6, 2012

Cyclub CD Artwork

World Mother Japan
by Rosa Phoenix

Cyclub just released their new CD, Shining in Da Sun, and my artwork is on the cover!

This is what the cover looks like:

You can listen to samples, and buy music here:  CYCLUB "SHINING IN DA SUN"

I really hope you will give them a listen, and if you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, their live shows are an incredible experience!

I met Cyclub's founder, Junko Suzuki Parsons, in San Francisco in 2009. She really admired my painting "World Mother." I also loved her music, and we became friends.

Junko is an extraordinary person. She is from Japan, and has been an anti-nuclear energy activist for many years.

When we met, she spoke to me with great concern about the dangers of nuclear radiation in Japan. Her mission has been to educate people, through music and art, to choose healthier alternatives.
After last years' earthquake and tsunami, and Fukushima disaster, Junko helped to organize a number of San Francisco Bay Area benefit events to help the victims of the tragedy. She wrote the songs for this CD with Japan in her mind and heart.

When Junko asked me if my painting "World Mother" could be the CD artwork, I was deeply honored.

I created a special version of "World Mother" showing Japan especially for this CD.

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  1. congratulations for having your art on the cover of this album! It looks wonderful. And such an important, hugely important cause!