Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sketchbook: Stow Lake

felt tip pen drawing by Rosa Phoenix

Stow Lake is in Golden Gate Park. In the middle of the man-made lake is an island with a waterfall and Chinese Pavilion. 

This pavilion was a gift from China to San Francisco. 

detail of carved stone dragon

On the day I went to sketch at Stow Lake,

I was delighted to see a mama duck swimming with her little ducklings!


  1. Oops! I thought I already commented on this Rosa - sorry. Sometimes I look at your post several times before I actually post. - I get to think about it for a while that way! What a lovely spot you have found here. Your image is strong. Many good strokes her and the color all remind me od post-impressionism. Great interpretation. I keep looking at the dragon statue also - I could see me sitting down in front of that for a long while. (I love drawing and painting statuary).

  2. a viewer's delight, nice work Rosa...

  3. Thanks Gary + BlueJayEye for stopping by. I feel so happy that I can share my art with you!

  4. Rosa,
    Your photos are lovely
    and your art I wonderful! I love the movement in your lines. The color is unique and I spoke out loud when I saw it!

  5. Very pretty! I was in Golden Gate park once many years ago and saw a mama duck with her babies as well. So sweet to see. I love that you did this with markers. I've never done that. I'll have to try it. Great job!