Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainbow Ripples

This is my color therapy for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 

caused by lots and lots and lots of RAIN. 



I'm glad we have rain . . . 

but the gray, cold, dampness does tend to make me gloomy. 

I wanted to see the bright yellow rays of sunshine again!

Here are some paintings and color studies of what I call "rainbow ripples." 

I also call them 8, because they look like the number 8, 

and 8 turned sideways is infinity. 

Everyone who knows me, knows about my rainbow obsession. 

Bright colors make me happy!


I love the sense of expanding, opening, radiating. 

Ripples, rainbows, light, color and sound waves . . . 

all represent energy moving out into space.


These are the first 2 rainbow ripples paintings that I did in 2008. 

In the first paintings there were swimmers, swimming into infinity. 

Now I prefer just the abstract rainbow ripples by themselves.



I love making these paintings!

Also . . . 

My sweetie brought me a wonderful gift to cheer me up!

A book on colors and pigments, and their meanings and uses.


A set of watercolor pencils! 

Plus, more drawing pencils . . .

As soon as this rain ends, 

I'm going to go out and try out my new pencils to do some watercolor on location!


  1. I love your Rainbow Ripples series. How wonderful of your sweetie to give you the color book and pencils, enjoy!

  2. like the evolution of your rainbow series...

  3. Thank you Diane AZ + BlueJayEye
    More rainbows are in the works . . .
    and it is raining once again !

  4. Wow! Incredible colors and talent. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love these rainbow pictures - they are so cheerful and you can lose yourself in them. I hope the weather is not affecting you too much and that the color therapy worked.

  6. Ramona, Thank you for visiting! So happy to share with you!

    Audrey, Thanks for your feedback, I am glad you enjoy these. The color therapy does help me, on these gray days!

    I appreciate everyone's comments, your encouragement helps keep me on this creative path!