Friday, February 5, 2010

Virtual Paintout: San Francisco


Victorian Jungle

crayon and color pencil drawing by Rosa Phoenix

I did this drawing for the Virtual Paintout. 

This month focuses on the San Francisco Bay Area!

My imagination went wild with this scene!


My inspiration was a tiger painted on a Victorian house. 

The tiger appears to be relaxing in the tree. 

And is that a lotus flower growing out of its head?

Did you know Chinese New Year is coming, the Year of the Tiger? Tiger is my sign!

I decided that the tiger needs to live in a jungle, with lots of trees, flowers and plants. 

The urban jungle appears to be taking over the street . . .


Surfing down the street!

Virtual Paintout is a monthly artists' challenge that uses Google Maps Street View as a source of inspiration. 

Every month, artists gather to focus on a different place, and share their art.


  1. this is extremely fun! I love how colorful it is and the lines and textures make it so alive!

  2. Thank you Tammie, you are so sweet to stop in and visit with me! This was a fun drawing to make, I'm so happy to share it with you.

  3. Love the skateboarder - fun! Beautiful painting. Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Thanks Audrey! Glad you enjoy it! I'm also looking forward to making more art, and I will be sure to share it here.