Sunday, February 14, 2010





I'd love it if you check out my new website!  

I designed and created it myself.

This is the grand opening of my business, Rosa Phoenix Art + Design.

I offer graphic design and writing services for artists.

I design and create quality classic artist promotional materials for print and the web.

I love working with artists to promote their artwork.

I learned graphic design while working for New York art galleries, promoting international artists, in the 1990s.

I didn't stay in the New York art scene.

Life took me in different directions.

Now I seem to be coming full circle, back to the world of art and artists.

I wrote about some of the changes that returned me to a creative life. The story is "How I Became An Artist and Environmentalist."

I took the name Rosa Phoenix to signify rebirth.

Here we are in 2010. I've spent the last 3 years in school, updating my computer and design skills, and creating my own art, designs and graphics for web, print and other media.

I've also been painting and creating original art, and in 2008 I had my first art show.

Now I'm in business.

I'm hoping that the creative life will support me as it has sustained and strengthened my spirit.

I'm pretty excited about my creative adventure, and I'll be using this blog to keep you posted on my progress and news.

I'd appreciate your feedback on the website.  

I chose to go live on Feb 14, 2010 for the Lunar New Year, 2010, Year of the Tiger, and also for Valentine's Day! 

A time of new beginnings, looking forward to springtime, and a time to share love.

Thank you for visiting me here on my blog. 

I'm overwhelmed by the interest, encouragement and feedback that I receive here. 

Everyone helps me along on the creative journey. 

You all are a continual source of inspiration and warmth that I channel into my art!

Happy New Year! 
Happy Valentine's Day! 
Happy Rosa Phoenix Day!


  1. you designed that yourself? its a very nice site

  2. Stef, Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out! Yes, I designed and created the entire site myself. It is truly a labor of love! And still a work in progress.

  3. how exciting! I wish you wonderful success! I took a peak at your website and it is wonderful. Yea!

  4. bless you Tammie, thanks for your good wishes, and for taking the time to visit! how lucky I am to have a spirithelper like you cheering me on!

  5. Contragulations for your new website, I wish you the best ;)

  6. REALLY nice site!! It seems cozy and cool at the same time.

  7. I'm so thankful for your good wishes, Maria-Therese and BlueJayEye!

  8. Rosa, your work is wonderful. I just love your ideas. Funny, when I lost my original blog to maleware, I wanted to call myself Phoenix Rising. Someone had the name alredy.
    I love your site and will add you to my favorite blogs.


  9. Thank you Melanie. Look forward to more visits with you.