Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Life on Earth!

Rosa Phoenix and Selma Brown
with World Mother painting by Rosa Phoenix

Celebrate Life on Earth! 

I'm sharing some photos from the 2008 "Love Our Mother" Earth Day Art Show. 

The art show was held at Eternity Bliss in Oakland, and it was a benefit for Trees for the Future. We raised money to plant 1,000 trees in Senegal, Africa!

Didjeridoo demonstration

These beautiful instruments are tree trunks 

that were hollowed out by termites.

a well-dressed gent

in the sun, his suit makes

rainbow sparkles

tree art by Rosa Phoenix and Selma Brown

"Leaf a Message" by Rosa Phoenix

people wrote messages on the leaves
for the people of Africa 
who will plant the trees

art by Selma Brown

"Palm God" (made from a palm frond)

"Mother Universe" by Selma Brown

(made from the belly cast of a pregnant woman)

Happy memories of Earth Day 2008.  

Good people, art and music coming together in a beautiful healing space called Eternity Bliss. 

We raised funds to plant 1,000 trees, through Trees for the Future.

Earth Day is a good time for people to gather together and celebrate Life on Earth! 

Time to unite to protect and care for the Earth.

I'm sending my best wishes for peace and prosperity to all Life on Earth!  

Happy Earth Day 2010!



  1. beautiful artworks, a tribute to nature itself, and how earthy that musical instrument hollowed by termites

  2. This sounds as though it was a great event. The art is wonderful and the instruments are wonderful too. Happy Earth day to you~